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The Firm of Cleary Reid ,LLC Recommends that you have three  essential docments.

The first is a last will and testoment. The second is durable power of attorney. Final is a living will/ Advanced directive.

When it comes to your will, you want to know that you’re hard earned estate and assets are taken care of as you intended. A living will extends consent, whereby patients must agree to any medical intervention before doctors can proceed. It allows the patient to guide health care for the future when you may be too ill to make decisions concerning care. It can be revoked by the patient at any time. For many the living will preserves personal control and eases the decision-making burden of a family.

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In New Jersey there are two types of power of attorneys. One called a "Springing" does not take effect immediately, but only in the event you become incapacitated defined in the document. The second is a Durable power of attorney which becomes effective immediately.


The probate of a will means proving its genuineness in probate court. As a general rule, a will has no legal effect until it is probated. A will should be probated immediately, and no one has the right to suppress it.

Power of attorney and probate

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