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Don't Pay More Tax on Your Property if you believe your property is over valued by your Town's tax assessor.

If you’re in a dispute with regard to property taxes, you should get professional help as soon as possible to settle you dispute. Cleary Reid, LLC will assist in your appeal of your assessed valuation.  

Property tax appeal is a written document filed on behalf of the property, which is filed usually with the County Tax Administrator, the Municipality and the Municipal Tax Assessor. This is done to effectively question the individual's property taxes and to coordinate property value. The burden of proof is on the property owner to show that the assessed valuation is incorrect.

What is property tax appeal?

When you choose Cleary Reid, LLC for your property tax appeal, you can be sure that our professionals will work hard to make sure that your taxes are justified. Our firm can handle every aspect of the appeal from start to finish. Frequently, for single family properties, a valuation by a certified appraiser is necessary. Cleary Reid, LLC provides legal services for your appeal. If the property owner is not satisfied with the decision of the County Board of Tax Appeal, a further appeal can be taken to the State Tax Court level. The attorneys at Cleary Reid, LLC have experience at both County Tax Board and the State Tax Court.

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